“A New York Divorce Lawyer who is tough on the opposition when necessary, but always sensitive to client’s needs.”

New York divorce lawyer and family law attorney, Michael Ian Black concentrates his practice on all aspects of matrimonial law. His 40+ years of experience in divorce and family law litigation means that he delivers the highest level of legal service and understands the uniqueness of your situation. Mr. Black prides himself on providing personal attention to clients who are facing the difficult and sensitive circumstances often brought about by the divorce process.

Most people never expect to need a divorce lawyer and feel unprepared for the myriad of issues they are faced with when one or both spouses wishes to divorce. From dealing with domestic violence or family court matters to attempting equitable distribution of assets, there are always many sensitive issues to consider and valuable assets to protect.

Most importantly, if you have minor children, Michael Ian Black will ensure that child custody, visitation and child support issues are handled with the utmost sensitivity. He is a highly experienced family law attorney, with expertise in handling expertise in handling complex contested divorce cases as well as nofault divorce or uncontested divorce cases.

“Caring about your clients is the most important trait for divorce lawyers in NYC to have.”

When choosing a New York divorce lawyer or a family law attorney to guide you through this difficult time, there are many important factors to consider. Michael Ian Black is known as one of the top divorce lawyers in NYC and is always ready to fight for your best interests. He is responsive, compassionate, sensitive, attentive and trustworthy. He is also a tenacious and aggressive advocate when the need arises.

With Michael Ian Black as your divorce lawyer or family law attorney you can be confident that your legal representative has only your best interests at heart. Your residence, vehicles, retirement assets, stocks, bank accounts, businesses and professional licenses will always be properly considered in the divorce settlement.

Exceptional service, when you need it most.

Many clients have remarked that they were able to move forward in their lives more effortlessly than expected as a result of choosing Michael Ian Black to represent them. Mr. Black returns your telephone calls the same day and shares all information with you so that together, you can make the best decisions for your future. Your divorce settlement could have a large impact on your future, and the quality of your legal representation is very important.

If you need a qualified and accomplished New York divorce lawyer and family law attorney to represent you, contact Michael Ian Black today.